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Why is it that whenever you are the oldest child and your younger siblings get into trouble, its your fault? People think that you influence them, so if they mess up, it must be from you, when most of the time I have nothing to do w/their messes.

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Have your tried talking to your sibling? If you can communicate with him or her take a moment to speak to them and let them know that you want to be a good example to them but you are trying to find your way too as you grow up so you cannot always provide the best example. Explain to him or her that what he does is a reflection on you and your family. You all need to work together to be the best person you can be and if s/he needs advice or help with anything you all-the faimly are the people s/he can trust to come to. Then talk to your parents about how you feel pressured to babysit, in an indirect way, your sibling and the fault seems to fall on your when you are simply doing your best (that is if you really are trying to be a good person).

I know sometimes we want to be totally disconnected from our siblings but in the long run if you develop a trusting and bonding relationship now you will have a great relationship in the future. TRUST ME ON THAT ONE! So start now, and you will see that you have more in common than you realize and your will become best friends.

However if your sibling is intentionally trying to make you look bad you should definitley speak to your parent(s) about that. Good luck!

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I know what it feels like I am always being blamed for the behavior of my siblings just explain to your parents and make sure they understand exactly what happened

Who else is in a foster house?

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uuurrggg... I know!
I hate be the oldest in the family...
Everything is always your fault, and they don't respect me as much

Unecessary interference? What do you think?
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get a video camera (a small one) and video them doing something bad. mwahahahaha... worked 4 me or else fingerprint stuff.

What do you think?

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