My Little Cousin...looks may be deceiving

Ok…I have a little 4 year old cousin.He is 4 years old and very cute.But looks may be deceiving.He just sits home plays games/watches T.V but from these things he learns really bad things like cursing,back answering,fighting,not respecting elders,and liking naked girls with bikinis and so forth but as you can see I have a big responsibility to teach this little 4 year old,temper tangling,rude,cute,cursing little child. You know when he gets older he can do what he likes but for now I want him to be like all other kids who act their ages.Please help!!! Also since he isn’t going to school tell me some ways that I can help him learn.

Answer #1

He isn’t around his parents.And no he is with his aunt and cousins so he watches adult shows.Little kids speak for themselves especially if they are 4 and talk back so he says what he wants to watch.

Answer #2

How is this your responsibility? This is the parents job… especially since the lack of them doing their job is obviously leading to this… and uhm naked girls with bikinis? the kid is 4! I honestly doubt he has any sexual thoughts. Some how I doubt this is a TV problem. All kids basically watch the same TV… Most arent little monsters… His parents need to correct his behavior…

Answer #3

Then his aunt needs to fix things. Like rules. Like if you speak back to me there will be consequences. If you swear, there will be consequences. You get the idea… The only way to teach him is to reinforce good behavior (I.e. praise him when he’s being good, promote his good behaviors by rewarding them, note this is different from bribing him to be good) and punish bad behavior… Every behaviorist will tell you that. He may also be acting out because his parents arent around (I dont know the whole situation, so its a little hard to say)

Answer #4

Thats what I think.Probably it’s reality

Answer #5

Why are you teaching this child? Where are his parents?

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