resident evil 5 unlimited ammo

ok I’ve got Resident evil 5 for the x-box 360, I bought the bonus for unlimited ammo of the lightning hawk (mag) and went in to play the level I was on exept with the unlimied ammo option turned on but my gun was still empty, any ideas how to fix this? thnx people =D

Answer #1

after buyin the infinte ammo in bonus features go to the infinte ammo feature and activate your mag then start the game with the infinite ammo on.

Answer #2

I personaly play on ps3 and their is no cheat codes, Tbh most new games don’t have cheat codes anymore, They take a lot away from the game

Answer #3

it isnt a cheat code, its a feture that the game lets you buy with bonus points

Answer #4

first you need to buy it with points, TURN IT ON ON THE BONUS FEATURES, and then turn it on before you start a mission.

Answer #5

ok thnx

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