Resident Evil

Did anyone get the new Resident Evil 5? Its SOOO awesome! it beautifully ties the other RE’s together and answers questions to things you didn’t even think about like..”where did they get the T-virus from anyway?” im such an RE fan. there’s not many games out there I actually play but RE…any day, anytime.

Answer #1

Yeah, Wesker has a god-complex. Gee… that’s an angle we’ve never seen before.

…so… all I want to know is… can you shoot while running?

Answer #2

I found it a bit dissapointing, it needs to be a bit more up to date, it’s not as good as Resi 4 and not as creepy as Resi 1, but it’s still a good game that I’m glad I bought:)

Answer #3

resident evil 5 is garbage you must have not played the other ones

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