Did anyone like Resident Evil 5

it was crap compare to 4 in my view. I hate how the series is changing into nothing but Action like movies.

Answer #1

OMG, yeah I loved it. but I agree resident evil 4 was better. (:

Answer #2

Its fine, but left4dead is better

Answer #3

Yea I enjoyed the game mainly because I wanted to play Co-Op, of corse I didnt play the other 4 the controls always screwed me up - plus im a chick and terrbile at that stuff. But all in all I enjoyed it a lot

Answer #4

Resident evil 5 I thought had a good idea for a story but it needed to be more scary cause this action stuff feels like its drifting away from the resident evil style but I wont complain cause I had fun with it

Answer #5

I would have liked it a lot better if they had actually put some scary parts in it.

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