Can you prove Resident evil 5 is racist?

Well I’ve heard people say its racist. Im not sure what to think . Heres the questions

Is resident evil 5 racist?

What to you is the definition of racism?

How do you know thats what the creators of the game had that in their mind for the game to be racist:?

Answer #1

no I dont think it is. any group of people could find this offensive. do you see me getting pissed off when I am forced to kill multiple white people in games.

were at a time were people really need to grow up.

Answer #2

Not this again.. It isnt racist as all the other RE games were never set in Africa etc, they were set in America/England or somin like that

Answer #3

I don’t think it is racist… this is getting out of hand… to my knowledge this is the first example of black zombies in the entire series… because it is set in Africa. No calls of racism on RE4 when rural Spaniards were mowed down with tommy guns… lest we forget RE has Japanese developers.

Will it get to the point when there cannot be a black antagonist for fear of the racist label being leveled? To me… this is more racist. We set aside particular people in different regards… but based only on the peoples race. When we exalt or deride a race… we simultaneously assign the opposite to the other races. If one is better… then the others are necessarily worse.

I was looking forward to RE5. The change of venue seemed interesting. I hope the PC Police haven’t arrested its development.

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