Do you have to have braces to get retainers?

Do you HAVE TO have braces to get retainers?

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I don’t think you need to have braces first, either. I had braces for four years, so I have permanent retainers to keep my teeth from shifting back. However, if you’re teeth are already fairly straight and you want to keep them from moving apart, a retainer might be a good idea. If you decide to get retainers and have a choice, I advise you choosing permanent ones. You get used to them in a hurry, it’s impossible to lose them, they don’t affect your speech, and nobody can see them. I also have a removable one I’m supposed to wear at night and it’s a pain to wear.

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NO, I has a retainer for a long time, and did not get braces for a lonnnnng time. eventually I did get braces but its because I had crocked teeth. you have a retainer because the ‘hood’ of your mouth is small and is making your teeth crunched, or over lap, and all a retainer dose is make the ‘hood’ of your mouth wider and create more space for your teeth!

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no my friend has a retainer and shes never had braces

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Yes because if you don’t wear da retainer after overtime your teeth will start moving & gettin un strayth & wearn da retainer prevents that

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yes i just had to get baby teeth pulled so i can get braces and my dentist and orthadonics said you have to get a retainer after you have your braces off and u wear it for 1 year because all the retainer does is positions your teeth in place because since you had the braces for so long your teeth were being forced to be strait and when the braces come off your teeth could turn again so the retainer keeps them stait

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not always. it depends on ur dentist

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