What does it feel like to get your braces off?

So the question says it all but I want to know does it feel like the obstacles in your mouth are gone? Does food taste better? Can you eat chips and crunchy stuff as soon as you get your braces off? Does it feel better to eat because your teeth are straight? How about when your braces are coming off? When half of them are still on does it feel weird? What if your teeth are not as straight as you wanted them and your orthodontist says they are fine? Do the designs on the retainers look cool in your mouth and do they show? Does your mouth just say it all? When your done with your braces does anyone notice that they are gone?

Answer #1

it feels GREAT I love not having them any more!!! I smile so much more now!!! :):):)

Answer #2

getting them off is ok, kinda weird and buzzing, but a few hours after your in for some serious pain, and your gums are swollen, and you have to wear your retainer every hour of the day until your doc says not to, I hate braces

Answer #3

Getting your braces off feels good… I agree with the above comment as they do feel slimy a little at first and I think that is just because for years you’re use to running your tongue over them and just feeling metal. When I got mine off for the retainers I got the trays instead of the metal ones just so I could also use them for whitening my teeth. The only thing I really didn’t like about it was having the rubberbands to help adjust them as they gave me enormous headaches and made my teeth even more sore.

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