How do you react when someone insults your religion or beliefs?

And what is your religion? I notice some people get really touchy about the subject when people show doubt in their beliefs, and they will outright start raging and telling the other person they are wrong, others will ignore it completely, offer no defense and walk away. I'm assuming no one is going to openly say that they're a spazz case when it comes to their religion, but I still like to hear opinions on the subject. Any stories on the topic are welcome as well.

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I like to think I can ignore it, as that is what we are instructed to do, however, I can't deny that I do feel hurt and offended about it. That's one of those things I need to work out for myself though - Buddhism teaches us not to take offence to what others may say..easier said than done ;)

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Well I dont really have a I believe in God, but I don't really consider myself anything. I sort of just ignore it when people say something bad about God, cuz like, each to his own lol. I do sort of get offended when people make fun of Christians or something cuz most of my family (everyone on my dads side) is Christian and like, they're pretty cool >.< ...SOOOO...I'd like to think I don't spazz out but I probably have at some point = / I spazz about everything lol.

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Im an athiest, and dont get offended when people tell me that im wrong for not believing. Religion is a personal choice and i understand that some people just cant handle their faith being questioned or interrogated. I am married to a christian man, and hes touchy about religion. Thats why we dont talk about religion in our household, because we view it as a private matter and not something you need to talk about. The way i see it, if your faith is strong and you truly believe in what religion you are, it shouldnt matter what others say.

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I tell myself I can ignore it because I'm better than that but really after a while it all builds up and I just can't take it anymore. Then I go to youthgroup and remember why I'm a christian again:))

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I'm not really sure what I believe in yet, honestly. If I did figure out what I believed 100%, though, I'm sure I'd be taken back and hurt if someone was telling me that I was wrong and that everything I believe in is garbage. This is why, in most cases, I try to be respectful of other people's beliefs.

At times I've been in the wrong, admit, and I'm sure I've said things that have been insulting. I realize that I've been wrong, though, and each day I try to do better because of how I know I'd feel if someone said crap about what I thought and felt.

But yeah.. I don't think I'd appreciate it.

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I don't do or say anything but walk away or stop the conversation. I don't really care what anyone thinks. I end it by saying if I wanted you opinion I would.ask for it.

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I must admit, I've always like the teachings of the Buddha.

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I would punch someone in the face..... KUNG FU!!!!

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As a satanist, I get this one alot.

people will ask me why, and I'll tell them " I believe Lord Satan is my true dark master and from my point of view the side of the right hand is hypocritical."

or if people straight out tell me I'm gonna burn in hell
"Good, I could hang out with my friends for all eternity"
"Its aigth, satan has my back"

if people really get into a heated discussion, I just stand on the nearest tall object, shout "HAAAAAAAAAAAIL SATAN, MY DARK LORD AND MASTER!" step down, and walk away. This way, I get my point across, and leave the fight with the upper hand.

basically most people do this because they either want to genuinely save you, which you can talk to them without getting into a heated argument because these people are nice, or they want your attention, like college campuses where people yell at each other, if no one yelled at them, they would get no reaction and go away because there's no reason to stay.

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Being an atheist since 12 I'm used to insults. It was a little rough at first but I got used to it and even got pretty good at arguing my position.

I enjoy informative and respectful discussion with people with other worldviews and I much prefer this to insults and arguments but when they draw first blood I'm more than able to defend my position verbally.

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I'm Buddhist, I've never really been insulted for my beliefs. Having someone bash my religion would annoy me, but I really wouldn't make a big deal out of it. I'd walk away, I hate arguments. They have their beliefs and I have mine, I'd only hope they'd respect it as I do for them.

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Depends on whether the person is going "what u believe is wrong and my way is right" and being overly obnoxious about it. idc what others believe, they are not me and i do not care anymore because it is pointless to worry. they can all worship dirt and you know, that wouldn't bother me. as long as i know where i stand and that what i now is true in my heart. im not about to go out there wacking ppl over the head with bibles and telling them to believe what i believe, and im also not gonna walk away when someone makes fun of what i believe, cuz they dont know me and they dont know why i believe what i do, and they cant possibly know how hard it is to maintain a religion. i cant just walk outside with a shirt that says "im a christian" on it, and an atheist cant just walk outside with a shirt that says "im an atheist" and the same thing with other religions, because people will get up in your business and be all crazy about it, and not even consider why the person they're lecturing believes what they believe. maybe the person has this heart breaking story, or maybe their lives were falling apart and they just needed something to believe, something to hang on to. and many people dont realize that the subject of religion is sensitive, and everyone has their own story and no one wants to get made fun for being an atheist, or an Islamic, or a christian, or a Jew, or whatever. and people will spit out hurtful words and not know exactly what they are doing. some people get really hurt when people make fun of their religion. i think this world is falling apart because of judgement, and that's never changing, so we need to learn how to not be affected by it and to just stand by whatever we believe in and not judge someone because of it

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Try and walk away. It would be nice if people respected you for being a good and compassionate person not what your religion is or is not.

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It depends. If they are trying to insult my religion, I can get pretty annoyed. If they dont understand, I dont usually. I mostly get annoyed on principle though - I dont think anybody should be making such unfair judements on anyone, let along based on something as personal as belief. I have had so many non-demoninational Christians tell me I am not a Christian because I am Catholic, and yes, it does irritate me.

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I like respectful discussions to, and I have no idea why people feel the need to insult others for having different beliefs

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depends on how they say whatever they are saying. if theyre being completely rude, i might go off. if theyre nice about it, i'll be nice back. sometimes its hard to tell how they are saying it, like if its thru text or email or anything. but no matter what, i always pray for them

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It all depends. I don't have a religion, though I am a practicing mystic. I don't care whether people believe in those types of things or not, I just get a bit offended when ppl who have no idea what hey're talking about say I worship the devil, etc. I'll react by ofering some advice, or telling them if they've no idea what they're talking about they should keep their mouth shut & then ignore it.

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and oh, im a non-demoninational Christian =)

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People call me an idiot for beiliving in god and the devil without any religion. I don't care though, i'd rather stay away from it... seems to only cause hatred and war. and the churches i have been in are just... ignorent. the catholic church i went to wouldn't let my family back in because apperently we "were headed down the wrong path" THAT p!ssed me off, and made me realize how ignorent and closed minded some can be.

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But if you don't mind me asking, what exactly do YOU beilive will happen when you, and your family are deceased in the future ahead?

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See i am confused about that (please don't take this in wrong) but what is the difference from a christian, a catholic, and a non-demonintional person? as far as i know, catholics are just more strict about things.

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im glad you listen to others opinions filletofspam, because most atheist i know, just argue constantly at me calling me an idiot.

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So what is this mystic practice you do? just curious, i like hearing practices people do. including things like wickens and mythologist.

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What is the main thing a Buddhist beilives and does?

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there are so many different branches of christianity. there are baptists, catholics, episcapalians, mennanites, Jehovah's witnesses, non-denominationalists, methodists, presbyterians, luthrens, and more that i probably dont know about and cant remember lol. but catholics have different "rules" for their religion than say, methodists do. i dont belong to any branch of christianity, therefore am called a non-denominational Christian. we dont (at least at my church) have as many "rules" as some other denominations do. there arent too many differences in beliefs, its usually little stuff, but thats what i mean by non-denominational. if you wanna know more, just funmail me :)

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tis true. you can definitely believe in God and the devil without having a "religion." i dont think you at all an idiot for that :P

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I dont know, I find the whole Catholic rules thing to be more something older and/or more traditional people follow. For me,being Catholic as opposed to any other type of Christian is just reflective of the way I choose to express my faith

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I really hate hearing about people being made unwelcome at churches because of things like that. My boyfriend got told he should stop going to the pentecostal church he started going to because oneday he didnt feel like talking to people before church. He actually got told he wasnt adhering to their culture of conformity and he wasnt welcome. Its so stupid. Your beliefs do not make you an idiot, the people who treat you like that are the idiots

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true, catholics have like, one of the oldest religions around. good for catholics for making it so long, dang. i understand about the way you choose to express your faith, its the same w me :P

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know what, Cassie? F*** them!

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i think if they have a valid argument u should listen and take into consideration what they r saying. however, b careful, dont get misled by false arguments that dont even make sense. maske sure to think things through logically. if they are just trying to pick a fight then just ignore it. no mater what always STAND UP FOR WHAT U BELIEVE IN

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What do you think of Norse Mythology? Most of my practices stem from those religions.

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Some atheists suffer from the village atheist syndrome. Even though village atheist obviously derives from village idiot it isn't considered especially derogatory and even atheists use the term. For a lot of atheists it took a lot of courage to come out of the closet and this plus the disrespect and abuse we suffer at the hands of believers causes some of us to have a perpetual chip on our shoulder.

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When you KNOW that you are right, there is no reason to try to convince someone else. There is no point or purpose. It is self-serving and we don't do that. A person who insults someone else for any reason has a problem already within them that has nothing whatsoever to do with you personally. Rise above it, know what you know and thank God for it and stay as far away from that person as you can unless you're planning on praying for them.

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that is ok

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that is ok until the jerks take it to the next level, like the sunnis v. the shiites in iran and the catholics v. the protestants in northern ireland.

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One who is really religious will be ever cheerful. Being cheerful is one of the signs that one is becoming religious. If truly he/she is religious they will never get angry even if one insults or rants about their religion. Simply smile fold your hands bless them, that is all.

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Well the problem with having beliefs that defy reality is that people will recognize that and perhaps ridicule you for believing in something that doesn't hold up in reality. Sorry you signed up for it, I would say convert or ignore them. Ignoring them usually works pretty well.

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Catholics tend to worship Mary more than Jesus. Christians are more into God and Jesus.

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I don't have a religion but I believe in god but my families catholic
And it gets on my nerves when people judge other religions wrongfully and saying their wrong and what not I think people should just respect others opinions

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