what do YOU think about jehovahs witnessess?

What do YOU think about jehovahs witnessess?

Answer #1

Thanks krisj….sandia, I apologize, I was thinking Morman’s in my response and note I said ‘it is my understanding’, I am certainly no expert and didn’t claim to be….a fan ?….I am a fan of the Rev. Billy Graham….one great preacher/man of God….I am a follower of Jesus Christ…a sinner saved by grace….I mentioned the ‘Rapture’ because I care….because it is important to me that if I have information (via the Bible) that describes the last days and it equals what is happening today, I not going to play ‘I,ve got a secret’ with information that could change where my fellow man/woman spends Eternity….I would say That’s Important’ !….not trying to scare anyone…my intention was/is that none should perish….I have never heard of Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye…finally, I wrote what I know to be the truth….I did not ‘put down’ anyone….If you choose to label what I said ‘scare tatic’, you’re certainly free to do so, just as anyone is free to either accept or reject Jesus

so sandia, my proper response is: I don’t know enough about jehovah’s witnesses to comment….again, sorry if I created any confusion, hopefully another will answer your question soon

Thanks again krisj for keeping me straight (somebody needs to !! LOL) God Bless !!

Answer #2

I think something is wrong here. The Jehova’s Witnesses are not the same as the Mormons. Mormons believe in a different manifestation of God. I would definatley consider Mormons to be Christians. As for Jehova’s Witnesses, I’m not certain. Jehova’s Witnesses believe that, as God’s son, Jesus was inferior to his father. They believe Jesus died to atone for their sins, and that he was an example of how we should serve God. As for what I think of them, I can’t say. I noticed that the disscussions between evangelical prodestants (myself included (Methodist)) and mormons are mostly argumentative, each side defending their own beliefs. However, I think that the fighting between denominations has gone on too long. Undoutably, this is the work of Satan. We’ll acomplish more if we work together. Fighting in front of unbelievers must look really unappealing to them. “Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law you are not keeping it, but sitting on judgement on it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destory. But you-who are you to judge your neighbour?” James 4:11-12 Amblessed, I noticed quite a few of your responses have some of the same themes, I suppose you could say ‘scare tactics’, in them. Are you a fan of Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s novels?

Answer #3

I think they are just normal people with different beliefs. I used to be friends with one in Middle School. Would I ever become a Jahova Witness? No, it’s not for me. When one comes to my door I say Confirmed Witness and they never came back to my house.

Answer #4

Okay. I’m glad that was cleared up. I think one of the points I was trying to make was that there are many ways of bringing people to know Christ. I agree that it is important for people to understand the consequences of their sin, and this method is effective. It was also used by the Christian authors I had mentioned, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. They wrote a book series about people who were left behind after the rapture. I was just wondering if you had read them. I would recommend them to anyone. They really challanged me in my faith a few years back. For me, the book rose the question, ‘Am I doing everything I can to ensure myself and my neighbours will go to heaven? It could happen at anytime.’ Maybe scare tactics was too strong a word to use. Whether the end times are near or not, I have no idea, but I believe I am ready regardless. It’s good to see someone wanting to help others to prepare themselves too.

Answer #5

Jehovahs witnessess are fine - To each his own, Right? What I furiously object to is the door to door peddling that they do. I mean really. If it were such a great religion, would you have to sell it door to door???

Answer #6

oh cmon, lets not make this a my religion your religion preacher stuff again

“To each his own………”

but to answer your question yes that has already been discussed……..

Answer #7

Here’s a previous post where this is discussed at length:


Answer #8

Despite the fact that I don’t neccessarily agree with their philosohpy ( I don’t know what I believe now), I still think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. What I do not agree with however, is that they seem to be trying to brain-wash other people into joining their religous group. If you want to be Jehovah Witness, you can convert yourself, you don’t need representatives banging on your door, bombarding you with magazines and reasons you should convert to their religion. The bottom line, is that I don’t have anything against their religion, but I don’t think all this attempted brain-washing is just.

Answer #9

It is my understanding, they do not believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God who came to earth as a sacrifice to pay the price (die on the cross - arose the 3rd day and ascended into Heaven) for mankinds sins (all of us), sits now at the right hand of God and shall return (The Rapture) in the last days….which if you look at the content of todays news and compare it with the book of Revelations, appears it could be any time now….it is my sincere hope and prayer anyone who reads this, will not be ‘left behind’

In short….they do not believe Jesus is ‘THE SAVIOUR’

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