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Why am I being rejected?

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 months but we've known each other for 6. I didn't start having sex with him until 2 months into knowing each other. He is 31 I am 20. Recently he's been rejecting me everytime I try to have sex with him. It went from every other day to 2 days without sex then went to 3 days without sex now we haven't had sex in 5 days . Every time he rejects me his excuse is that he only has 30 mins to sleep before work. And today he said the same thing but then he wakes up 20 mins after telling me he has work in 30 mins to do i dont know what and he comes back into bed and just lays there so I ask if he's working and he said he works in Brooklyn today so he's going to go in alittle late and goes back to bed and still doesn't want to have sex. I feel so rejected and unwanted idk what to do . Why do you guys think he's rejecting me? I know the age differance is a huge thing but I still just don't understand . :/ he always gives me kisses and huges me and cuddles with me but he's doesnt seem interested in having sex