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Kinda long, very very important

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Next class I plan on asking my crush to the movies, but im really nervous. All of the other girls I've asked out I was sure that they liked me, but this girl is giving me mixed signals. How can I over come my fear of rejection so I can finally ask her out? I just need some tips to act smooth and get out of my fear of being rejected, so I can actually ask her out

Heres what I know

1) only things we have in common is motivation, running, music, the beach and partying 2) couple classes ago she slapped me pretty hard twice b/c I had her phone 3) I cought her looking at me weird today walking to class 4) she told me that this summer if she has a boy friend she's gonna sleep in the same bed with him at her beach house (I'm pretty sure its got sexual implications) 5) except for last class she pays attention to everyone but me and she's used to be quiet around me but now shes loosened up 6) this class she was very open toward the end and we listened to her ipod the whole last half of class (45 mins) and hovered over the song "into your arms" Does she like me, or do I even have a shot with her?