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What should I do about sexual encounters and my small breasts?

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Im 19 and I have really small breasts think - size 75a (34a) - only fill them out when theres padding though. Its impossible for me to get a cleavage unless I wear an extreme push -up and even then its hard cause theres nothing to push up.

Heres the deal - many people have told me Im pretty. (skinny, petite, really blond hair, blue eyes) And I'm into fashion and dress really well. And now I do get a lot of male attention, espcially as a European at an American college. Guys like me and flirt with me all of the time. problem though, is that they don't know Im flat-chested.I'm wearing extreme gel-bras from Victorias Secret which makes me a full b/ small C (considering I choose a bit too big size and tighten the straps real hard). Been wearing this for my entire first semester in the US now and it feels awesome, because I feel more proportionate and I've noticed more male atention than before. my clothes also fit look so much better on me. I never show off though because of the way I dress really never show cleavage. (before starting college and wearing the bras it was as if cute guys would not interest themselves bcause of me not having boobs).

heres my problem - I've discovered some cute guys and I would love to take it to the next step sometimes - having sex. im a virgin. will a college guy (or any guy in general) reject me once he finds out how I've "faked it?". Is it a turn-off? That I have like non-existant breasts when they think I do have some? How would you, as a guy, react to this? Sometimes I think that they wouldn´t themselves care cause breasts are not so important in the sex act, that its mostly a cultural issue and maybe how people around him would react if he had a flat girlfriend. But now noone but him more than me would know. Since with clothes on, I do have breasts.

I've considered surgery but then I'd probably feel even more fake and selfconscious, since apparantly that too is a big turn-off for guys.

Opinions? Continue w. gel-bra or not? Tell a guy I'm into in beforehand that I dont really have breasts? (some time into the relationship ofc) or not make a big deal out of it? I would prob be crushed if he said something mean or rejected me because of me faking it, but then again, Im loving that I for once have guys after me and that my clothes fit well. At the same time, I can occassionally just feel like a big fake, which kinda bothers me :(