Who has read the "Left Behind" series?

I consider myself Agnostic. This series is about the Rapture and how those “left behind” i.e. non-believers suffer the consequences through the rise of the AntiChrist and literal translation of the Bible. I’m finding that it’s making me really curious about Christianity. I’m on book 7 or 8 (Indwelling). Just wondering if anyone else read the series and if it had any impact on them, as well. I’m no fundamentalist Evangelical now, but it’s got my brain moving, that’s for sure.

Answer #1

I have read 1-19 of “the kids” I really really like it! They suck me in:)

Answer #2

I read about 1/2 of them back in 9th grade - found them in the jr. high’s library - which I found a bit ironic. They got me thinking about many things.

Answer #3

I read most of the first book. I got bored after a while. I myself am agnostic as well, when I read it I was christian and it had no significant impact on my beliefs or my life, it is just a very interesting story.

Answer #4

I read some of them, but to be honest, I just thought they were bad!

Answer #5

Any reason? The characters pulled me in right away. I’m attached to them all.

Answer #6

I didnt like the writing style and some things came across as a bit unrealistic. I did quite like some of the characters though. Also, I wasnt happy with a few snide Catholic commments. Although, I have to admit, Im rather senstive to that sort of thing (I hear them alot!)

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