Have you ever had a tarot reading

Have you ever have a tarot reading, I would like to know if the reading tell you something that really happen in the future, I would like to know if that is true.

Answer #1

I have studied tarot for 5 years and love doing it but like I said in your other post I wouldnt suggest tarot readings by your self. maybe with someone who knows how or supervised by them. remember using tarot are a gateway. using them wrong could cause problems. though it works best if we are face to face if you funmail me a question I will see if I can get an answer for you.

Answer #2

my friend seen a psychic on the boardwalk in wildwood and they were very accurate. she described my friend to her sooo perfectly, it was weird. then she predicted a couple things which came true ..which was alsooo pretty weird. id trust them if I was you.

Answer #3

just palm reading about my future.. I just dont believe them..

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