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I was raised LDS (mormon) but I’m currently not practicing it. I really feel like I need a foundation for my children but I haven’t found a religion that feels right. I would like to have some sort of community I can belong to and get my kids involved but I really don’t feel it is in the LDS church. I feel I am christian but there are specific things I don’t believe and I haven’t been able to find it in any religion. Is there any religion out there that comes close to what I am looking for.??1. I beleive that god the father, and his son jesus christ and the holy ghost are three sepereate beings. 2.I also don’t believe in baptising a baby I don’t believe that babies are born in sin I think babies are perfect. 3. And I also don’t believe that if you aren’t “saved” your going to hell. I don’t think it’s just that black and white I think god is merciful and there won’t be allot of people that actually go to hell. I think I believe in that bible?? Any suggestions?? I really want to find a fit for me and my family.

Answer #1

Dont force religion on your Children,

but if you have to choose the FSM

Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Happylady - I totally agree with Annv, I want to suggest the exacts same thing. If you want to, you can google humanism wikipedia, which would supply you with a very good explanation if I remember correct. I also would have joined such a group, if only there was one close to me!

Reading your post, I can see that youve made a lot of decisions and came to a lot of conclusions which most of us did, before we broke away from any form of religion. You being a parent (like me) I think it is very important for us parents to gather as much info on subjects and also investigate all posibilities before teaching our kids nonsence, wont you agree? Meaning, my parents teached me all about the bible “in blind faith” seems like the older people were just to scared to ask any additional questions. Also check out

scroll down with this page where link leads, watch the video clip and much more they’ve got and read along the site. (wish someone gave me this to watch 20yrs ago)

For all the people who says, you must give your kids the choice to decide in which religion they would fit in, I dont agree! Religions create delusional thinking and which parent in his right mind would want their kids to grow up delusional, IF the parents already KNOW there is no such thing!!! Or would you allow your 16yr old kid to still believe in the tooth fairy, whilst you know it isnt a healthy thing for a kid his age to still do so??? Same thing with religion, hoping and wishing there is someone out there, whos gonna help you when you stole something or lied to someone. In the meanwhile it is gonna be much harder to find out god was a myth!

Answer #3

Reverendcatholic,babtist ,etc find one both you and your children can enjoy ..GOD dont care how you worship or where as long as you at least make the effort.*

What about praying to the sun god, he is just next to your god reverend, sure he would pass the message if you one day realise on your death bed that that was the absolute wrong choice, wont you say?

Answer #4

If you believe in a God who judges people by the depth of their character rather than the sole criterion of their faith than why raise your kids in any religion at all? Raise them to be good people and let them figure it out for themselves. Certainly tell them what you believe and why but you don’t really need to join any specific religion for that.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are non-trinitarian and in my opinion have a lot going for them. Quakers were some of the first people to oppose slavery and one of the first to support women’s sufferage. Unitarian -Universalists are kind of all over the map on what they believe but there is no requirement to accept the trinity. The Baha’I faith also doesn’t accept the conventional view of trinity.

Answer #5

Forcing religion on your children is one of the worst mistakes a parent can make. Let them grow up and decide for themselves, THEY’LL THANK YOU FOR IT.

Answer #6

I myself dont agree with religion as such im not saying theres not a god or that but beliving the word of god based on the word of ordinary men just dosent cut it for me raising your children with good morals and a sense of humanity should be good enough in any gods eyes

Answer #7

If you just want a community of good people to be involved in, try Unitarianism. It’s the least dogmatic of all churches. It’s basic principle is the golden rule.

Answer #8

Hmm, isn’t this the same question that ‘fau’ asked just the other day?

My suggestion is still the same: check out the Unity Church (not Unitarian) - for example, have a look at or’

I think you’ll find it is a very open, non-condemning and non-dogmatic form of Christianity where you might feel at home.

Answer #9

Read the New Testiment in the Bible , read about the New Testiment church…I am a member of the church of Christ( non denomination) As in being a member, I as a christian am the church and belong to Christ…we believe in going back to the New Testiment principles and getting back to the basics of the bible…but if there isnt a congregation there(United church of Christ is NOT affiliated, be careful with them, they have some very odd beliefs) anyways, search for a congregation that believes the Bible and practices those beliefs and not on made made traditions.

Answer #10

I appreciate that you want to give your children a good upbringing, but it seems to me that the best thing to do is let them decide what religion (or none at all) they believe in for themselves. Teach them morality and ethics, and tell them about various religious views, but let them decide for themselves.

Answer #11

Hey Happylady,

If you are looking for some structured guidance on moral issues, have a look at Humanism perhaps. Humanism provides values that most christians have adopted since the beginning of the last century, but is not dogmatic on christian doctrines.

I guess that you will find info on Humanism on the Net…

Answer #12

Why do you NEED a religion?

Why don’t you know..raise your kids on good values and morals WITHOUT religion?

Religion isn’t necessary.

Answer #13

“…let them decide for themselves…”

Yeah…! Absolutely!

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