What do I do if I like a guy that is against my family's religion?

I really like this guy, but my mom doesn’t approve because he is Catholic and we’re Christians. I don’t know what to do about it.

Answer #1

shes not very smart cause catholic is a part of critian. orthdox, catholic, anda few other ones are a part of crictian. so she should have nothing against him

Answer #2

Get closer to him. You really need some exposure to other ideas.

Answer #3

Unless you plan on marrying him I don’t see there really being an issue with the two of you dating.

Answer #4

I am Pagan, and a practicing witch. My girlfriend is Catholic. We have been to gather 3 years and now life together.

I think every one else is right as well, that those two are 2 parts of the same whole and your mom is wrong.

Answer #5

Catholics are christians…lol

also, I am wiccan and my boyfriend is christian and we manage to not make it a big deal. Really its not all that difficult, especially since you are both a type of christian.

Answer #6

Well, he is not against your family’s religion. He is just a different denomination. If someone believes in Christ, they are christian. This whole catholics are not christian thing is only stated by some christians…not catholics. Religion always seems to mess things up and make them complicated.

Answer #7

It denefitaly depends on whether it is just your parents’ religion or your as well. If you are a christian then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to go out with him. If It is just theirs then you need to decide for yourself whether you want to take the responsability of listening to his theories that are different than you have grown up with. For the most part, you should respect your parents. They know best. Also, you must decide which is more important: Your parents’ wishes and christianity or that guy. Think about it.

Answer #8

Religion is a very important part of life. It would cause almost a constant conflict in a relationship if you argue and disagree about religion all the time. Also what about any kids that come along? What religion are you going to raise your kids? It makes sense not to get involved with this issue.

Answer #9

Catholic is Christian, it’s just a different denomination. So your mother is wrong. Try and speak to her like an adult about it bothering you.

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