many Christians feel the need to force religion onto others?

Why is it that many Christians feel the need to force religion onto others? I have asked this to myself many times but I can’t seem to get a good answer. It annoys me always coming on this forum and finding dozens of Christian zealots telling you that their beliefs are the only true ones and that other religions were created by Satan.

Time to unleash to dogs.

Answer #1

Christians first of all don’t force their religion on anybody. If we were forcing we would simply say convert or we will kill you and if you ever hear a christian say that let me know. Jesus said to spread the word pretty much and we simply ask you if you want to convert. If you say no then there is nothing else we can do except encourage you. Also for the we think we are better thing where did you hear somebody say I think that I am better than you because I am christian. I can answer absolutely no where that is the answer. If you are saying that ALL christians are butt holes then you are wrong because you have not meant all of them and Im pretty sure that not all of them are and if you are saying that then you are pretty much saying that you are better and they are not even though they think they are . if you believe that all christians are butt holes get to know me.

Answer #2

Many Christians consider it their obligation to follow what is often termed the Great Commission of Jesus, recorded in the final verses of the Gospel of Matthew: “Go to all the nations and make disciples. Baptize them and teach them my commands.”

in other words proselytizing or evangelizing…

I am jewish and have heard more proselytizing by christians that I care to remember. It is as if they think they will get extra “Jesus points” in heaven if they convert a jew.

Some christians proselytize (shove it down your throat) and some just try to be good people and let that be their witness.

Nice, respectful christians get a bad rap by the fundamentalist, right wing kooks that try to verbally beat you into conversion…

We have a few on this site who do not realize that their attitudes are a turn off. One will proselytize about Jesus one answer and then out and out lie on the next answer. They think they are christian witnesses but their behavior could not be further from that.

Answer #3

No, thank you utopia for that labeling “Badge of Honor” - I am very proud to stand up for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this lost world !! - Appreciate your back-handed / hate-filled compliment anyway !! - Know that Jesus loved you enough to DIE on that cross for you and all lost souls also !! Amen !!…Simple: John 3 : 16.

Answer #4

Some Christians have their faith and, as Ashlyn there, they stand up for it.

BUT~… some of ‘em won’t accept other religions ideas and belives. They don’t friggin’ respect it. And, as said above, “you’re going to hell for not belivin’” is quite common.

That’s not just for christians, but for many religions…

Answer #5

see this is what I mean they get all defensive Christianity or Christian is not even mention once in the bible and then they bring up JESUS I get it, a jew died on a cross but what a but the other stories in the bible ? what about ruth, or ester, samson, or job come on you learn some good lesson from them

Answer #6

Think she’s talking about me calling them annoying. Oh well I wasn’t speaking to you directly ms_key I was talking about Christians in GENERAL.

Answer #7

“so before you go insulting us do a little research”

When did I insult you? And I know about the Christian religion. I know what your views are, I know your beliefs.

Answer #8

Here’s the thing… Christianity is a form of monotheism. It is not possible to be monotheistic and also allow for other gods. As a result, all monotheistic religions teach that theirs is the only right way.

…but this type of religious jingoism does not stop at the general category of a given faith, it continues on down to the lowest levels. This is way lunatics like Fred Phelps believe that only he and his 30 or so followers are correct.

To an outsider, it’s obviously delusion, but to those on the inside, they really think it’s true.

Answer #9

amblessed - “ I am very proud to stand up for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this lost world !!”

If I believed the witness of a liar, that would make me a fool. and I am no fool.

I would sit all day and listen to the christian witness of a kind-hearted believer but I would not listen to one minute from a lying “christian” who spews hatred towards muslims (your video posts), hatred towards homosexuals (your gay bashing posts), hatred towards liberals (any of your political posts), or hatred towards anyone who is not white, american and christian.

Answer #10

Simple: Jesus commanded His followers/believers to “GO” and share/preach the Good News (Salvation), rather than play ‘I’ve got a secret’, don’t tell them, just stand by and allow them to perish for all eternity:

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Answer #11

to ms key * “so before you go insulting us do a little research”

no one is insulting christians. If anything people are insulting the holy rollers who tell you that you are going to hell. I am jewish and I have been told by holy rollers that my family, who died in the concentration camps in the holocaust, are all in hell. I am in my 50s, I have done my research.

* “you are real ignorant”

boy, for someone who wants respect with no insults, you do not seem able to respect others

* “I dont appreciate you ignorant rabbit-suckers saying this stuff so just quit it”

Now that you have displayed the love and understanding of christ through your words… I am ready to convert.

Maybe if someone had called me an ignorant rabbit-sucker years ago, I would have accepted jesus into my heart earlier…

Way to witness!

Answer #12

I know… its really annoying and im a christian… I dont understand why they do that either… so to ashlyn elizabeth, so since id dont study that means im not good? what is the definition of good? there is a hell then we all are going we all have lied and if a person say no they havent, they just got there free ticket to hell.

and to ms_key, you dont listen to other people either, you keep jabbering on about “he is holy! blah blah blah” I think that you are ignorant for not accepting who people are, God made us who we are, he accepts us, he knew that we would have faults and we are human and we cannot escape that, just look at Adam and Eve.

Answer #13

Its annoying really. Like with gay marriage and atheism. It bothers many and I really don’t understand why they continue trying to enforce them. I guess they just believe they are really helping people when in reality 90% of the time everyone gets annoyed.

“Time to unleash the dogs.” Good one.

Answer #14

thanks amblessed… spoken like a true christian zealot. :)

Answer #15

I don’t know anymore people keep on fu<king up Christianity
dont let it get to you
religion is man made

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