How to get my cat to like me

Ok well we just got two new cats one adjusted well and likes us but the other avoids us what can we do to get the cat to adjust and play with us and not be scared

Answer #1

Any animal will take a while to warm up to it’s owners. This cat may just be timid and you will have to work with it more. Don’t just grab it and forcefully hold it so you can pet it. Sit on the floor and have some treats ready. When the cat comes to you, give it a treat. Or you can make a treat “line” leading to you. Gently stroke the animal but let it come to you of it’s own free will. It will eventually warm up to you and should be cuddling with you in no time. Just make sure to reward it when it comes to you!

Answer #2

I have a cat myslef and it doesnt like me and my step dad,she only likes 1 person in our family and which is mym mum. Animals that just moved to a new family always pick a person they like and they just ignore all the rest ones. :( they just have they’re own personality and character. :(

Answer #3

Well, first of all…you “just” got them…so time is part of your solution.

Every cat has it’s own personality, some shy, some affectionate, some indendent…so tho this cat will most definately get more friendly, he still might not be as playful, or as affectionate as the cat.

But first you have to let them adjust, and that can take couple of weeks.


Answer #4

It takes cats a while to get used to things. Mine took a month or so to really like me and know that I was their friend. Just be patient and give it time. Some extra yummy treats might help. :)

Answer #5

let them adjust, when you are arounf them, try holding them for little amounts of time. make sure you dont ignore them or they wont get used to you. try it, that is what I did. hop I helped

Answer #6

stop beating it up.. lol j/k

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