Rasing money for youth group

What are some suggestions of ways you can raise money for youth groups at churches?

Answer #1

some things our church did was have a bake sale a car wash we had a walk a thon where people paid a certain amount of money per mile you walk we had a fish fry and fish plates where like 7 dollars you could also have a bike a thon with rules the same as the walk a thon…you can really make anything into a fundraiser if you get creative with it

Answer #2

The simplest way is to ask for donations.

Answer #3

hey my name is rebecca and I am a consultant for tupperware and we can do a fundrasier for you at no cost to you just give me a call at 864-451-7172

Answer #4

There are many ways but make sure that the people know what it is for and what the youth with do with it.

Answer #5

A car wash works great. When I ran a youth group we ALWAYS had car washes… and do it for DONATIONS, no set fee like $5… Most people gave $10 - $20 in donation car washes. While you are washing have some cold bottled water available for $2 per bottle. Have it on ICE and very cold! We could raise $500 or more during any carwash… Also, you could do a ‘parent’s day out’…charge $20 per child… Advertise it at church and offer it to the church parents. and get some adults to help and only the MOST responsible teens to be with the kids. Have it at church, maybe in the youth room. Have activities, coloring books, crayons etc. for the kids. You could easily raise $200 - $300. Have the hours from 9am - 3pm on a Saturday.

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