ever tried a money spell,do they work?

Has anyone ever tried a money spell,do they work? Or if they did would you have 2 get hit buy a bus or something bad happen to get the money

Answer #1

Spells are a form of positive thinking, wrapped up in a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo.

But, positive thinking really does work. If you are convinced you will come into money, you will unconsciously take steps to make it actually happen. In the end though, it’s you doing all the work.

So does it work? Yes, but not because of an invisible magic force out there somewhere.

Answer #2

I know what wicca is about, but a lot of kids who cast spells and claim to be “wiccan” seem to think that love spells, money spells ect work they dont spells dont get you a boyfreind or make money majically appear in front of you

Answer #3

its called gray magic- thats when for example: you do a money spell and the next day your mother dies leaving you with inheritance money. try preforming money spells and protection spells to try and prevent this

Answer #4

jazlovestoskate if you knew any thing about Wicca you would know that they do not believe they can say a few words and make money just “poof” in front of them. If your going to talk about something do a little research and know what your talking about. Or you just end up sounding rude and like you do not know what your talking about.

Spells can be cast to improve your odds of say getting a good job, or get a promotion. Just casting a spell to bring you money is a little to open. Spells can be cast to, say if you have a job selling things and that is how you make a living, to improve your sales as well.

Answer #5

spells dont work especially any of those wiccan spells or new age “wiccan” spells or love spells ect money doesnt just POOF out of nowere you either jet a job earn it by working for it steal it get it given to you, ect it doesnt just magically appear in front of you because you said a few “majic” words thats not how the world works if you want money you have to do something to get it, like get a job

Answer #6

Money spells don’t work…

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