How soon should someone get a rabies shot after being bitten?

how soon must a person get rabies shots after being bitten by a bat? if the animal did not have rabies, does a person still have to get a rabies shot?

Answer #1

right away

Answer #2

Dear surprise, If an animal didn’t have rabies and you were bitten and the skin was cut then you still need to see a doctor. Bites tend to get infected fast and you may be put on antibiotics as a precaution. If the animal had rabies then I’m assuming the tests were done on the animal for you to know it had rabies and you would be required to have the shots the minute they knew of the test results. Sue..good luck

Answer #3

If you were bitten by a bat, you need to go to the hospital. If the bat does not have rabies, you would not need a rabies shot, but the only way to tell if a bat has rabies is to kill it. So many people have to get the rabies shot without knowing for sure whether the animal was rabid or not.

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