Can you get pregnant by missing the Depo shot?

Could someone who has intercoarse the day before the depo-shot exspires and then misses the shot the next day… become pregnant? plus during this time she was on her period? as in me

Answer #1


It’s unlikely if you were one day late.

According to their website:

Depo Provera is cleared from a woman’s body about 6 to 8 months after her last injection. After discontinuing Depo Provera, women may also have a 6 to 12 month delay in return of fertility.

Answer #2

you have 7 days to get it after your ‘due date’

for example, if you were scheduled to get it on the 1st, you can get it up to the 7th.

Answer #3

The odds are in your favor because even though the shot ran out, sometime you will still be infertile for up to a year after it runs out! I was on it for 2 1/2 years and liked it a lot!

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