Are you mature or immature ?

if you are over 10 , tell your age . and do you act like adults ,or your still childish immature?

Answer #1

im 15 but im usually way too mature when its the right time I act like a little kid lawl

Answer #2

I am 15 and I think I act mature… Im still a kid, and have my childish moments some times, but mostly im mature… I think I act my age..

Answer #3

Im 16 and I think I’m mature. I know I am because I think waaayyy deeper into things than my friends ever do. I know because when I try to explain, I get this blank stare and the inevitable question, “What?” I have contemplated many things that my friends havent even thought of before but I cant brag because I am also the most immature person I know. I have many blonde moments and I’m not even blonde.

Answer #4

I’m 13 and I’m immature!

Answer #5

im 19 and I act like both:D

Answer #6

im 15 and I think im a mixture I could have my childish moments and I could have my adult moments it dewpends who im sourounded by and my mood

Answer #7

Im 15 and I’ve had to grow up pretty quickly so I act like a mother at the age of 30 or somthing double my age…

But when im with my friends I can be childish mostly not though im the “mother” of the gang lol

Answer #8

I just turned 15. im very mature but when it comes to people calling me a ho or something or talkin crap bout my boyfriend or family, I become very imature and yell/beat there a**

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