Quite a few Breaking Dawn Q's

What do you guys think will happen in Breaking Dawn (Predictions)? What do you guys predict to happen in Breaking Dawn? Who do you think Bella will choose (Edward or Jacob? I pick Edward)??? I can’t wait for it to come out, can you? Who is going? Anything else? Please add! I want to go to the Barns and Nobles Breaking Dawn Release Party and I know that it should be prom-wear. I want to go as Bella. I want to know what I should wear and how I should do my hair and makeup, I want to be full out Bella (and gorgeous!)!!! I have brown (almost black) hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. I want to look like Bella. I am really hoping that I can look like Bella. Do you think by how I described my looks, that I look like the Bella (Be honest, do I look like the character you would imagine Bella to be or not???) Thanks in advanced (For all of the questions)!!!

Answer #1

wait until august 2nd :)

and be happy that you’ll get the book before us lot in england

and over here we don’t have any book stores throwing parties or anything :(

Answer #2

The book was amazing♥ Did you read it lmfao im so late!!

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