What are they going to put in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

I didn’t see it but when I was watching the previews it looked like they put all the parts from the book in the movie. So it doesn’t seem that there would be a part 2 unless she wrote an epilogue in a novel that I didn’t know about…

Answer #1

They only put like half the book in Part 1 lol, not even. They have to do all the way from when the girl become a fairy-demon to the end of the book where the dogs and the fairy-demons have some war thing or something.

Answer #2

They put the war in the movie according to the previews and she had her baby which was towards the end of the book…so confused 0.0

Answer #3

No there’s still more to the book breaking dawn, also they will show there life together and raising the kid, They will prob add a couple more things to the movie too.

Answer #4

Did you actually read the book? Breaking Dawn part one only covers half. There’s a lot more than just giving birth to Nessie. The war is not in part 1, it’s in part 2.

Answer #5

There’s another war though, isn’t there? Idk man. All I know is that she had JUSt turned into a fairy at the end of part 1. So idk.

Answer #6

yes i read the book but in the trailer they showed the war so Idk

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