Making A Movie For Breaking Dawn?

are they making a movie for Breaking Dawn? I read the book and I thought some parts were too bad for the movie. (if you know what I mean.) but I really want them to make the movie. Does anyone know if they are?

Answer #1

Yes! They Had All The Actors Sign On For The Next 3 Flims

Answer #2

yeah im pretty sure they’ll make I mean they HAVe too why make the 1st and 2nd and then stop they already have the year set for it (not exact date)

Answer #3

I’m pretty sure that they’re making a movie for all four books, but it hasnt been announced 4 sure, there are still 2 other books still to be made into movies. I know what you mean, lol, and they’d probably not show it, they’d like show right before, then right after, like in the book, ‘cause I really dont think they’ll show it. lots of younger teens, like 12 and 13 year olds read the books and their parents wudn’t want em 2 c that.

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