Who wants to see Breaking Dawn already?

Im going crazy i cant wait till november of next year to see renesme!♥

Answer #1

ME!!! the movies keep getting better and better. so excited to see what happens i haven’t actually read the books. everyone told me to watch the movies first cuz the books are way better and all i would do is compare.

Answer #2

I already read all the books.And ive seen the movies,and the books are better but im going crazy i want to wath the 2 last movies.! EDWARD♥ lmfao

Answer #3

i know right lol i even got my boyfriend into watching them and he actually like them! which makes it even more exciting that i don’t have to beg him to watch it haha

Answer #4

Hahaha your lucky.That he wants to watch them with you My Ex boyfriend hated them.Thats why hes my EX lmfao im kidding.But yeah I love EDWARD.!! If you like edward now wait till you read the books.!

Answer #5

haha the way we see it is compromise on movies, he will watch movies i pick that he wouldn’t pick on his own and i do the same for him =) but yes i am very excited to read them right now i’m reading a book written by Stephanie call The Host. she’s an amazing author

Answer #6

Oh my God that book is amazing i read it last year.And i loved it i love all her books.!What part are you on? And lmfao on what you do with your boyfriend :)

Answer #7

trust me its really hard for me to sit and watch mob movies and war movies lol but i have to in order to get the same respect from him. auggg the sacrifices you make in a relationship hahahah

Answer #8

I’m embarssed to say, but I am. I might see it by myself though

Answer #9

Well yeah! Haha I’m obsessed with Nessie! I really hope they’re doing a future scene with her and ‘ahem ‘ hot hot wolfie;)

Answer #10

Me! I think it is going to be such a good film, I can not wait to see it.

Answer #11

I know Nessie is gonna be so adorable.! I dont think i can wait for next year.!Im gonna go crazy!

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