Get pregnant even if I take my birth control and he pulls out?

Could I get pregnant even if I faithfully take my birth control and he pulls out?

Answer #1

most the time if he pulls out the sperm didn’t activate…

You have NO idea what you’re talking about.

Answer #2

PS…I’m not preggers…Yaz just caused me to have no period, and it freaked me out. Yaz also caused some terrible side effects for me. I got off of it, and have switched to Ortho-Tricyclen Lo.

Answer #3

yes you can but most the time if he pulls out the sperm didn’t activate…

Answer #4

Yeah, I was just wondering because I just got back on birth control, after being single for a year, and now I am in a relationship. I started Yaz, and I had never been on this particular pill. I just keep having bad side effects. I feel pregnant because I am so bloated and I am having pains as if I am going to start my period and my boobs feel like they may explode, of course, I have never been pregnant, so I wouldn’t know. I should be starting tomorrow or the next day. I also keep getting this recurring yeast infection, and I have only been on Yaz a month. My Dr. called me out Ortho-Tricyclen Lo to start next month since I feel so terrible. I have taken Yaz faithfully, same time every day, and we have used the pull-out method. I am 28 years old, but still not ready to start a family. I also have been on no antibiotics.

Answer #5

Cool, glad it worked out for you :)

Answer #6

I agree with captain assasin, that was just scary…

To answer your question, if you use your pill as you should then it is 99.9% effective, there is still a very small chance, but it really is minimal. Also the pull-out method isn’t a birth control method, you can still get pregnant by the sperm in his pre-cum, even though a very small amount.

I wouldn’t worry about it however if I were you.

Just another thing. Always check when you go on anti-biotics or medication, some of them can affect your pills effectiveness.

Answer #7

Why not try something lighter that yasmine…that is a very heavy pill to be on at your age. Try something like Ginette (think that is the spelling)

Heavier pills generally make you gain weight and feel bloated and are ment for older woman. But speak to your doctor or gynecologist about that.

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