Can you get pregnant if you're on birth control?

I was watching true life im pregnant on mtv and the girl said that she takes birth control religiously…so who’d she get pregnant?

Answer #1

The only 100% is Abstinence - all the others have varying degrees of risk…Take care !!

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Answer #3

There is a 3 % chance of pregnancy with birth control pills(BCPs). IUDs and the shot are more reliable (but carry more health risks)

Most girls I’ve heard get pregnant on BCPs have always been on the tri-phasic type. (3 different kind of pills in one cycle with different levels of hormones) Chances are she was either on those, or wasn’t as religious at taking them as she said she was.

Answer #4

No birth control is 100% always remember that, not even a condom.. Best way not to get pregnant is to obstain…

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