Is it OK to take birth control while pregnant?

is it ok to still be taking birht control if your already pregnant? I’ve been takin it for a year and if I get preg. is it ok to still be takin it?

Answer #1

stop taking it if you get pregnant. why would you want to take it while you’re pregnant?

Answer #2

if you take birth control when you know you’re pregnant it could result in a miscarriage or possibly some developmental deformity to the kid.

Answer #3

Why would you want to take birth control if your pregnant? What good would it do, really? Besides if your taking birth control in the first place then you probably won’t end up getting pregnant.


Answer #4

Birth control is used to prevent pregnancy. Taking birth control if you are pregnant, can result in a higher risk of the baby having a birth defect.

Answer #5

NOOOooo stop taking it when you’re pregnant it can have adverse effects on your baby.

Answer #6

you can’t get pregnant while you are pregnant. the best thing to do is ask your doctor before taking any medication while being pregnant.

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