Do you put concealer/foundation on top of eyebrows too?

Answer #1

I use concealor under my eyebrows to define them. And sometimes all around them if in wearing foundation that day. is that what you meant?

Answer #2

yes, like i seen people who take their foundation/consealor and actually rub it into their eyebrows so i was wondering if it was weird to do or not lol

Answer #3

You can to bring out the volume of your eyelashes, and the color of your eyes. But don’t cake on too much, or you will look like a clown. LOL

Answer #4

I personally don’t, I put it around my eyebrows haha

Answer #5

i wish i had enough eyebrow to even DO that -.-

Answer #6

I do sometimes if it is necessary if i haven’t plucked in a while and don’t want to go out with caterpillars.

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