Can I put red on top of dyed black hair?

My hair is currently colored black and has been this way for the past couple of years. I would like to keep the black in my hair and have a light and dark red color mixed in it that is very noticeable. I have read on different sites that you can put red on black and it shows up really well without bleaching.I will probably use a semi permanent color called Beyond the Zone:Candy Apple and Wild Red.I will apply the light red first and then the darker shade in streaks on top of it. My problem is,that I don’t want to waste fourteen dollars on color if it is not going to show on top of the black. I have bleached my hair in the past and will do it agian if I must but I don’t think that red shows up very good on bleached hair and can still stay an orange color. I can not afford to go to a salon and the look that I want is more of a goth look,most salons only do basic coloring. So should I put the red on top of the black,or bleach and start from scratch(Adding in black again)?

Answer #1

Lol. I tried that.

Answer #2

you probebly have to bleach it first but not completely bleached just enough to turn in to a brownish orange then put your desire red color on top of it, its little bit dificult but just be careful to bleach it from tip to the root because roots are gonna turn light faster than tips of your hair

Answer #3

Add the red on top of the black if it was me I would waste the money and buy the stuff from a store just dont mess up.

Answer #4

Lol. I tried that.

Answer #5

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, you have to lift the black hair dye enough to deposit any color. The only way to lift black hair dye is by using 40 volume developer with bleach, such as “quick white”. Warning: 30 VOLUME WILL NOT LIFT BLACK HAIR DYE!! AND don’t enough attempt a store bught hair color– they come with only 20 volume, but as I need before, you HAVE TO LIFT THE BLACK HAIR DYE BEFORE DEPOSITING ANY COLOR. Anyway, mix the 40 volume developer with the powdered bleach until you get a mayonnaise-like consistency. Apply to the ends of your hair first, working your way up. Put on processing cap, and wait an hour before applying to your roots, as you roots will start to lighten immediately. The whole process may take up to 4 hours depending upon your desired lift, but for the color you’re talking about, it should only take 2 to 3. Make sure you condition you hair with a protein pack after bleaching and before depositing the hair dye you want to use. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, as I have done this process many many times!

Answer #6

I have black (dyed) hair I yesterday I dyed my hair red. Only in bright sun can you see a very lite hint of red, and also my roots are red… I think it looks kinda kool. my fiance loves it as well!

Answer #7

I dyed my hair black 9weeks ago then decided I wanted a dark red colour instead, I used a warm intese red from superdrug and it only made parts red so I have red roots and like streaks through it where the black was coming out. x

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