asked if she can have one of my puppies

my aunt had this dog that recently died and now her son is really sad so today she came over to my house and asked if she can have one of my puppies(I only have 2 a boy and a girl)…but my cuzin gave them to me and now I love them.but she wants to take one.what should I do?

Answer #1

Just tell her you’ve already bonded with these two - if not for that I would be happy to but I just can’t separate them - I’ll keep my ears open for puppies that become available.

Answer #2

If they are your puppies and your intention was to keep them, then keep them.

Your aunt can go to any animal shelter and adopt a puppy or find someone who has a litter to give away…with all the puppies that need homes right now, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Answer #3

If you want two pups, and are able to keep both and handle both medically and training wise, then tell your aunt, “I love both my puppies, but ya know…there are hundreds of pups at the shelter who will die if they don’t find a home… Giving up one of mine would mean that only two pups have good homes…if you goe to the shelter, then 3 pups will have a good home…”


Answer #4

Ditto to all above

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