Why would a St. Bernard have only one puppy?

Why would a St. Bernard only have 1 puppy. She and the male are very healthy and loved pets. I just don’t understand why they would only have 1 puppy. He is healthy and adorable.

Answer #1

One puppy is not uncommon but it certainly has nothing to do with a first heat or first litter or first anything. Its just natures way. Some embryos may have been aborted mid pregnancy and passed with the first puppies birth unknown. Its always a good idea to have a female in the care of a good vet during the pregnancy. A woman would never skip all of her prenatal appointments!

Dogs can actually get pregnant for about a week. I breed my dogs for 3 day to make sure mutiple eggs take. NO MORE THAN THAT because a puppy conceived on day 6 will not be as developed as a puppy conceived on day one! If you plan to breed again try a 3 day method. Everyday, several times a day, for 3 days. If the dogs are left to their on devices this should be accomplished naturally.

Answer #2

Some very healthy, young animals just don’t produce enough eggs or sperm, just like people…She may have only tied to the male once…It may be her first litter…

Those are some reasons.


Answer #3

if its the first litter thats prob the reason, its just like people though its all about the amount of spearm and the number of eggs x

Answer #4

its ben known to happon with a dogs first litter

Answer #5

I think it just depends on how many eggs actually take, after breeding!

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