Why are my puppies all ganging up and beating up one puppy?

I have four puppies that are four months old now. Three females and one male. I now have to keep one female separated from the others because they keep ganging up on her and REALLY trying to hurt her. They’re not just playing, they really fight her. They try to latch onto her neck and face. I keep her inside now and the others outside. Whenever I open the door they try to run in and charge at her with their fur sticking up and growling. She has a few cuts on her face & belly where they have already bit her. Why would they all be ganging up on her? They’re all super sweet & friendly otherwise.

Answer #1

The only thing that i can think of is survival of the fittest. While we love puppies and think their cute, we forget the are animals with primal animal instincts. Was this puppy the runt? Does it have any health problems that your aware of? In the wild the runt is usually left out by the mother or siblings (them not allowing it to feed of the mother) and dies.

Answer #2

Bad Puppies. >=( They’re trying to eliminate the weakling. One less puppy to share mommy’s milk with.

Answer #3

Well see, they no longer breast feed or anything. They’re old enough to do things on their own. The puppy that they fight is just like they are. She has no health problems, she’s the same size, she looks the same as they do. So I don’t know why they keep trying to hurt her :( So right now I’m trying to find her a good home.

Answer #4

It might have started when they were younger. Even though she looks the same, maybe she doesn’t smell right to them. Separating her sounds like a good idea.

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