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I've been on wellbutrin before, my mom was on zoloft and I think prozac for a while.
wellbutrin worked for me after two weeks and lasted one week before it made me hate it. I started sleeping a lot and it made my head hurt and didn't work.
now I am much more depressed for absolutley no reason, I am suicidal (I can't tell you how much it sucks to say that.) and a bunch of other things. I have issues. lets leave it at that.
I think prozac or lexapro would be good for me. but I dont want prozacs side effects and lexapro makes you eat more which doens't work for me seeing how I am very strict with my diet and working out because of the things I do like modeling and sports and what not.
but I have all the things that they cure and I d k. what would you suggest? would it be a good try, is there anything better?