Can you od on prozac?

I'm contemplating suicide
I'm wondering if it's possible to overdose on prozac, if so, how much does it take?

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no you cant. they wouldnt prescribe prozac to people if you could kill yourself with them. sleeping pills is the way to die but they are hard to get on prescription and you would need about 60 of them.

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hmm. it's likely you'll just puke them up, or, worse, they could do serious damage (to your brain, etc) but leave you well and truly alive.

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You'll puke before you ingest enough Prozac to kill you. If your problems are outside, they are the easiest to change- just move away. But a counsellor might be able to support you while you do it.

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I have been
they put me on the prozac, and it doesn't help

My problems aren't inside my head, they're outside

pills and counseling won't fix it

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Prozac overdoses can be fatal. I don't think that figures for human toxicology are published but MSDS data sheet for fluoxetine hydrochloride (chemical name for Prozac) list the oral LD50 dose for rats is 452 mg/kg and for mice is 248 mg/kg.

Sounds like suicide with Prozac might take a lot of pills. Reading the symptoms of an overdose it doesn't sound like an easy way to die either.

Not to get too preachy or anything but suicide is rather final. Suicide is often a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Are you really so sure that you will never find happiness in your whole lifetime?

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why do suicide go to a pyciratrist

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