What is the best way to prevent vomiting after taking my multivitamin?

I take a multivitamin every day, and no matter when I take it, or what I eat when I take it, I always vomit. Most of the time, it’s just watery, other times, well, I won’t go into detail.

Answer #1

In what form do you take it. If I take a multi vitamin pill, no matter how I throw up, so I take mine in liquid form, it’s less harsh on your stomach. However if you insist on taking the pills, ensure that you don’t have any greasy foods before it in the morning and lie down for a half hour after drinking it.

Answer #2

Ever consider eating a healthy diet instead of taking pills? No pill can substitute for a poor diet. Eat a varied diet including whole grains, vegetables, and fruit and you will get all your vitamins naturally and not need pills.

Answer #3

it may be the iron in it. if ur body is in no need of iron and u take it in a vitamin of sum sort it makes people nauses, invest in a multivitamin without iron.

Answer #4

Diet Coke. I had some disgusting medicine that left this terrible taste in my mouth. No matter what I drank afterward, it stayed in my mouth. Until I had a sip of my mom’s diet coke. Everytime there is something that is disgusting that I MUST have, diet coke is now right there next to it.

Answer #5

I have actually vomited up diet coke, and let me tell you, it’s not as bad as vomiting up Pepto liquid, but it’s pretty damn close.

Answer #6

That could be, because when my vitamin was kind of a fleshy color, I didn’t have that problem. It’s mainly been since they changed the vitamin to a dark red color.

Answer #7

I take mine in pill form. Like I told Rosalyn, I never used to vomit from my vitamin until they changed the color from kind of a fleshy color to a dark red. The thing that really sucks, is that where I live, we have to get scripts for EVERYTHING, from regular meds, to multivitamins and Glucosamine, even for pain reliever and antacid.

Answer #8

You should try some icy cold water.It help me.

Answer #9

Even if you do eat healthy, do you know how much you would have to eat to get everything you need in the run of a day? A multivitamin IS part of a healthy and responsible diet.

Answer #10

Actually that isn’t true. Eating a healthy diet and a VARIED diet will give you more than what you need a day and it’ll keep you healthy. Most people eat a bunch of nonsense that is why you don’t often see people being healthy and eating healthy.

Answer #11

dnt gulp dwn too much water :)

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