Is it okay if a pregnant women takes medication (nyquil, advil, tylenol)?

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Yes, sometimes it's okay to take medications such as those while pregnant, so long as you check with your doctor first and get the okay from him or her.

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cause a friend of mine told me its harmful?

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It can be, yes. However, there are certain circumstances where a doctor will say it's okay to take certain medications while you are pregnant.

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Yes, there are medications that you can take while pregnant. They dont expect you to suffer for 9 months without being able to take anything. Tylenol can be taken for pain (not ibuuprofen or advil though), tums can be taken for nausea and heartburn which are both commen during pregnancy, and there are also tons of cold medications that can be taken (sudafed and dayquil for example can be taken). Your first appointment with your obgyn they almost always give you a paper with a list of medications that are safe to take while your pregnant. Of course nothing is 100% safe and its always best to only use medication as a last resort though.

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a doctor is the best to give you the answers you need...

apart from the obvious no-no's you might also have hyper sensitivity to some medication when you are pregnant, so go to the good ol' doc and he'll do some tests

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