Is taking Advil bad if you're pregnant?

If your pregnant is it a bad thing to be taking Advil?

Answer #1


 Just last week I had a terrible headache that lasted 3 days on and off.  I was sensitive to light and bending over. Anyway I took Tylenol. It's provent that If the medication is made up of aceph just the beginning of the word but I'm sure you know what I 'm talkin about. Yeah I'm pregnant.
Answer #2

Thank you! I have really bad headaches and migrane’s but I was afriad to take medacine because I don’t want to hurt my little one! So thank you!

Answer #3

Yeah* I didnt mean ‘nope’

Answer #4

Nope. Its not good to take any medications while pregnant, some are okay but check with your doctor to find out what you can take.

Answer #5

yes it is bad to take advil while your pregnant.

Answer #6

Never take ANY medicine but vitamins, which are a really good idea. :]

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