Possibly about 4 weeks pregnant!!

I’m 18 turning 19…I just need to know what the symptoms could be at almost 4 weeks pregnant? And if I am what type of diet should I go on to make sure the baby is healthy? I don’t want to take prenatal vitamins, I ‘d prefer just to eat all the nessacary foods and have the right drinks to maintane my babys health (that is if I am pregnant) I also drank a little beer would that effect my child if I dont yet know if I’m pregnant? Thank you.

Answer #1

If you habitually drink then you will have a problem. Once isn’t enough to harm it. Eat vegetables as they come out of the ground not cooked but raw so you get the maximum amount of vitamins. You should still take vitamins but not on an empty stomache. They will make you sick if you take them on an empty stomache.

Answer #2

a lil alcohol wont kill the baby. some doctors actually say 2 drink 1 glass of wine every day or once every week ( I forgot). but yet I dont think you should drink that much alcohol durin pregnancy. go ask a doctor for professional help to find out what you should do to help it and if you really r.

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