4 weeks pregnant and I started bleeding is that normal?

… I am about 4 weeks pregnant and I started bleeding last night.. usually when I get my period I get crams and a lot of pain where I cant walk but I dont have any pain at all and the bleeding is really really light is this normal during pregnancy

Answer #1

Dear wesoinlove, You must see a doctor ASAP…sometime bleeding or spotting can be normal other times it is a sign there is a problem. You must see a doctor now. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

your best bet is to go straight to hospital or phone them im 3 weeks pregnant and im bleeding too and at the moment im having blood test to see whats going on as it too early to tell by scan I wish you all the best xxx

Answer #3

You’re experience something serious, I hade three miscarriages and that’s what it seens like you’re having I hope and pray that iam wrong. get to a doc. asap.

Answer #4

ok you need to see a doctor and get tests done and did you tell your mom and dad

Answer #5

you need to go see a doctor not to scare you or anything. but please go see a doc.

Answer #6

how do you know your about a month pregnant ? Have you been doctors yet? and if did what did they say.

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