how do people become porn stars?

I dont want to be one but… how do people become porn stars? Just wondering.

Answer #1

Good question LOL

Answer #2

I do no but me I wld like 2 be a porn star ok. I’m davy this is pls email if you have same news

Answer #3

how can I be a porn star

Answer #4

I live near Seattle and Ron Jeremy was doing a promo. I was to meet a female friend that day and she told me she bumped into him after they were taking down the promo. They talked and he told her she should get into it and gave her a few names. She wasn’t interested, but if you’re female and go to one of the events and talk to others there you could probably drum up something. It is much more difficult for males.

Answer #5

sighn up for modeling in magazines and you moove up and get ofoered

or you sighn up for like photo shoots for pon and get pid like 30-thousands of dollars a pic

(im not a porn star btw>

Answer #6

You do it like you would do any other “Cattle Call”- you pick up the local hollywood rag, or look up online for “casting calls”

Show up, show’em what you can do, what you’ve got, do you look good on film?

Then they’ll call you. In this case the dirtier the better

Answer #7

You may start here at , they are asking you at the registration if you are interested in making some shots ….

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