Do you think Porn Stars have unions?

Or even like work standards? Like a rate of pay, or if they get tested for STDs?

Answer #1

. Depends what you mean by “unions”
. ….. they certainly seem to be inclined to have “ rumpy pumpy “. . .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

If you mean labor unions, no. Tested for std’s? Let’s hope so. As for rate of pay, I’d say the women get paid a great, great deal more than the men because guys are a dime a dozen and most of em are just happy to be doin it and probably just get paid enough to buy booze and drugs.

Answer #3

Well as a fellow doing porn for a while now, it depends on what type of union your talking about…tests for std’s or pay rate and what exacty what kind of porn profession your looking into.

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