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Who watches these shows? Which do you like the best? Can't say I can pick a fave of the two shows, absolutely love them both. CAN say my fave Dr has to be Dr. Drew!! Whew...**breathe** aaahhh...is it just me, or is he a very nice looking (most of you guys would say "older") man ? yahoo, makes me want to go to rehab even if I don't need to!!! [ + :

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That's where I saw it as well, the Seattle news. Yeah, my daughter's the same way. So I had to sit her down and tell her about it.
Just never take anything someone gives you unless you actually see them OPEN a bag that is well marked and see it come out of the bag---dont turn your eyes away for a second!

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I saw that on the news. I was actually sort of upset that that can happen and it makes me a little bit scared for the young children I care about, and even myself. I could easily mistake them.

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