Headach, breathing, throat, horse voice, & nose, how to heal this?

Here are my symptoms- Headach, breathing, throat, horse voice, & nose. I am also being mean to my friends and I dont know Why. No im not on my period.

How do I heal this before halloween? I heard drinking green tea hot helps. Thats what my ma is making me do, Any other sugestions besides the basic Eat, drink, lots of fluids and sleep?

Answer #1

Mm…echinachea! It’s herbal, totally organic and is a great immune system booster!! If that fails I hear cat’s claw is stronger x

Answer #2

Go to your nearest drug store and find something called Airbourne. It is a vitamin tablet that you place in water and drink. When I use it I start feeling better within 24-48 hours. Also, get some Sudafed(pseudoephedrine). It will help. It sounds like you have a sinus infection. You may beed to go to the doctor and get something like tylenol with codine. Warm tea with milk, honey and lemon will help.

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