Why do I get pain in my teeth when I breathe through my nose?

It’s so strange XP I guess I have a cavity ? It’s in my gums too … It’s in my two front bottom teeth (i think haha.) . Soo what could it be ? I won’t be able to go to a dentist for awhile because we don’t have a dental plan. It’s kinda annoying. And sometimes I get it in my throat when I exhale. I’m confused ?

Answer #1

Typically pain caused by the nasal passages is experienced in the upper teeth… Gum and teeth pain? Could be gingivitis or something. Maybe a cavity, I’m not sure.. When my teeth hurt, I thoroughly brush my teeth, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. The pain typically disappears after that. You could see if that works.. If it doesn’t, let funadvice know! :P

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