what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

Answer #1

I had that to!! Does it hurt under the ribs? Well I went a I had ulcers too! they hurt but I took this pill from my doctor and my stomach is fine.

Answer #2

depeding on what the pain is then it could be anyfin at all really:P

Answer #3

Does it hurt when you breath?? That happens to me almost everyday until I take a puff from my inhaler. Do you have asthma? Don`t worry. You wont die!!

Answer #4

You could just have a stomach ache. I wouldn’t worry to much. Did you eat something new? Could you be getting sick? You might have pulled a muscle. If it doesn’t go away with a couple days, go to the doctor.

Answer #5

omg. my upperstomach hurt for a while. & I ended up having ulcers. STAY AWAY FROM ACID FOODS. unless yu want to suffer !

Answer #6

Heartburn, indigestion…

Answer #7

It could be an unlcer, you need to go to the gastronolist and let him run a scope down to your stomach and he can tell if you do have one.

Answer #8

Were you doing sit-ups? if so then its the muscles worn out… If its the inside that hurts it could be indigestion, upset stomach, heart burn or a combination of them, try pepto bismol

Answer #9

wow im going thru the same thing right now…I woke up this morning with it…and I havent been hungry which is verry unusual for me…lol but I took some pepto bismol and if that dont work im going to see my docter…but when I get back ill tell you what they said…

Answer #10

my stomach start hurtin on july 26 and the way im feeling is my whole intire stomach hurts even when I strech even when I breath I don’t got asthma or anything my head hurts time to time my back sometimes hurts and sometimes when my stomach hurts it goes up to my chest what could it be I look up everything an ooo I like the 24 before my stomach start hurting I had brown reddish discharge what could all this be and till this day im in real bad pain and I took tyneol motrin and it seem like nothin is workin please reply to my messahe im only 16 and im so scared

Answer #11

Pain in your upper stomach could be a number of different things.

The pain could indicate gas in your stomach or heartburn. You could try taking an antacid from the pharmacy. Common products would be GasX or Tums.

If you have been doing exercises such as sits up or crunches, the pain could be a pulled muscle or just over exertion from the exercises. If this is the case, just sit back and relax and the pain should subside shortly.

It can also be something more serious such as gallstones or a problem with your liver. Though these problems are also accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea.

If the pain doesn’t subside, you should see the doctor to have serious problems ruled out.

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