What can a pimple in the inside of the upper eyelid mean?

4 days ago I noticed my eye hurting and today I saw a pimple on the inside of my upper eyelid. what causes a pimple in that place, bacteria or a virus or what? I know I should go to the doctor but its a holiday here in my country so the clinics are closed and hospitals’ ER section only is open. So if anyone has any idea or clue about what it might be, can you please enlighten me? I don’t want some accurate answer just an outline of what it might be until the clinics here open because I can’t go on panicking like this. any help would be appreciated.

Answer #1

It’s called a sty.

Just wet a cloth with hot water (no hotter than you can handle - you don’t want to burn yourself), and use it as a compress a few times a day…it will go down on it’s own.

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